11 Dec 2016

VOIP PBX IP Phone System for Real Estate – Business

Discover the Advantages of VoIP IP Cloud/Dedicated/Self Hosted PBX Voice

Details: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/pbx-real-estate/

  • Easier to manage via web-based configuration interface
    Improve productivity with presence, desktop based call control and extension management
  • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use computer network, easy hot desking!
  • Deliver mobility by allowing employees to work from home using a remote extension
  • Choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones
  • Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers
  • NocRoom TurnKey Setup, Dedicated PBX built for your business and Growth
  • NocRoom Managed PBX – Full Support
  • Keep all your staff and agents connected, anywhere 

Details: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/pbx-real-estate/

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10 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016
07 Dec 2016

702 Las Vegas VoIP w/ PBX System – 20% less then #COX #Comcast #CenturyLink rates

Run an office with 5 or more extensions in the Las Vegas , NV Area ? Existing Number can be ported or get a new number (702) Area Codes are Available now

Let NocRoom help you with our turn-key office VOIP PBX solution with our affordable monthly plans. If your an COX , Comcast or CenturyLink client move over and save 20% off your monthly recurring bill.

Details: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/pbx/las-vegas-voip/ or call 702.789.0409



Details: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/pbx/las-vegas-voip/ or call 702.789.0409

NocRoom  | info@e.nocroom.com wNocRoom 
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06 Dec 2016

Microsoft Cloud Exchange Sever 2016 w/ SpamFirewall Email Hosting for Business

What is Hosted Cloud Microsoft Exchange 2016?
Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading corporate email platform. NocRoom is ready to help your business achieve its messaging goals by combining our service with Microsoft enterprise software for maximum performance, availability, and flexibility.

Miami Cloud Microsoft Exchange Email

Details or to order: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/microsoft-hosted-exchange-servers/

Email is a mission-critical communications tool that allows people to efficiently interact. Everyone expects efficient access to email, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more no matter where they are or what type of mobile device they use.

No Spam: Our Advance SpamWall Included in all cloud exchange packages: http://nocroom.com/datacenter/spamfirewall/

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04 Dec 2016

NocRoom Tier1 Bandwidth Network Map

network miami dallas vegas lax

Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers call NocRoom home; including AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Comcast Business Class, FiberLight, FPL FiberNet, Internap, Level 3, TW Telecom, Verizon Business and XO. NocRoom facility is also home to several Tier 2 carriers.

Low latency, High speed, Short paths and Optimal availability! NocRoom is number one goal

More Details: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/

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01 Dec 2016

VoIP for Business #UrgentCare #Hotel #Medical #CallCenter

VoIP for Business, Urgent Care, Hotels, Medical Offices and Call Centers

nocroom-cloud-pbx-for-business-voip-call-us-702-789-0409 thumbnail

Details: Need Business Voip PBX System ?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems make good sense for small businesses. In fact, recent research finds that more than one-third of all businesses are now using a VoIP phone system, “With VoIP, voice data is sent [via an Internet connection] in digital form rather than plugging into a traditional phone jack like you would over the public switched telephone network (PSTN)”. First introduced commercially in the 1990s, VoIP technology has improved significantly since then, and so has its popularity. In the early days, users complained that the sound quality wasn’t as good on VoIP as it was on a landline, but those issues aren’t a concern today.


VoIP systems now take advantage of advanced high-definition codecs that have vastly improved the voice quality, making modern VoIP networks sound even better than landline networks. In addition to better sound quality, the cloud is also making VoIP a more viable option for small businesses. Rather than having to run special wiring and install special equipment, companies that choose a cloud-hosted VoIP phone solution don’t need to purchase any equipment or employ an IT staff to install and maintain it.

The advancement of VoIP technology and its relatively low cost make VoIP an ideal choice for small business, including Urgent Care, Hotels, Medical Offices and Call Centers.

Is VoIP right for you?

Determining if a VoIP phone system makes sense for a small business all depends on the quality of its network and its needs “Most importantly, you want to ensure they have enough upload bandwidth for the amount of phone calls they expect to have running concurrently. In addition, businesses also have to factor in whether they have enough bandwidth to handle the other traffic on the network, and whether or not their firewall and router can prioritize VoIP traffic over regular Internet traffic, If the network can support it, than VoIP is likely a good option for many businesses including Urgent Care, Hotels, Medical Offices and Call Centers.

Voicemail, virtual receptionists, call forwarding, call recording, on-hold music, voicemail-to-email, conference calling, video conferring, instant messaging, call screening, missed alerts and call logs are among the many features offered by NocRoom VoIP PBX.

Details: Need Business Voip PBX System ?

NocRoom  | info@e.nocroom.com wNocRoom 
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