23 Jan 2017

NocRoom does Digital Services for Las Vegas Convention Center Events

Did you know NocRoom does Digital Services for Las Vegas Convention Center Events ?

Having an event here in the Las Vegas Area? NocRoom can setup the following services at your location

  • 702 phone number for your use
  • Setup all your extensions w/ voicemail + Email Notifications
  • Setup your IVR menu w/ Real person custom greeting
  • SIP Phone Rentals – Wired or Wireless handsets
  • WiFi Mesh System Rentals – w/Optional Paid or Facebook Check’in for Access
  • Same day service Available


To find out more details please head over to: https://nocroom.com/datacenter/lv-event/

NocRoom  | info@e.nocroom.com wNocRoom 
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04 Jan 2017

Hosted Cloud PBX – Free two months 1.702.789.0409

Looking for a better provider or shopping for a new PBX Cloud Hosted Service ? Look no more, NocRoom is sure you will love your service that we are giving 2 months free service with no yearly commitment.

Our Cloud Network works from any location domestic or international location flawlessly connecting to all your locations as it was one location. NocRoom will config and setup your PBX to your business needs fully turn-key working environment event help you port your existing or add new numbers into your hosted cloud pbx system.

Why wait? Find out how NocRoom can help you today

https://nocroom.com/pbx/ or call 702.789.0409

NocRoom  | info@e.nocroom.com wNocRoom 
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