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Satellite Locations and Hosted PBX Voice System

I recently had the chance to speak with Modesto Ochoa head of operations for DrPhoneFix Inc. DrPhoneFix has over 40+ locations and growing rapidly covering coast to coast and growing, new DrPhoneFix stores opening up more and more and the demand of network growth without the downtime is a must, the ability to add unlimited amount of extensions, ring groups…

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Medical billing companies are on the rise in Miami Florida

Medical billing companies are on the rise in Miami Florida, BillNet Solutions is one of those companies processing more than 5000+ calls, 7000 emails and file sharing 1TB of data between its two locations per day. How does these companies keep up with today's on demand medical needs, is to take advantage of the new IP-based networks like hosted pbx,…

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Las Vegas – The next silicon valley

Las Vegas Nevada has been in great growth of digital services and soon to become the next silicon valley, companies are moving in and Las Vegas welcoming them with open arms. New businesses moving into the valley is making high demand of Digital Services like cloud base email and business voice phone PBX services, companies like NocRoom LLC heard you loud…

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