NocRoom Cloud-Managed Networking

Networking is power. And NocRoom-branded Cloud-Managed Networking is the power you need to succeed in your business goals. You want to respond when the internet crowd grows. That takes scalability. You want to govern that scalability so it doesn’t disrupt your company or eat your budget. We’ve got you covered. A single-computer management interface enables you to efficiently control your powerful networking assets. Let’s see how this all works.

Wireless Mesh Technology by NocRoom

NocRoom Cloud-Managed Power

  • Deploy and manage entire networks from one computer. No on-site controllers are necessary.
  • Easy scalability from one up to thousands of access points across multiple locations.
  • No on-site access point configuration required.
  • Customize unique private and public networks with four SSIDs per network.
  • Work with the full web interface then transfer smoothly to the iOS mobile app for remote monitoring.
  • Free lifetime updates, feature enhancements, and cloud license with the purchase of the hardware.

NocRoom Power Dashboard

  • Real-time network monitoring and management
  • Complete device visibility: Operating system, connection performance, nearest AP, etc.
  • Deep packet inspection and bandwidth monitoring
  • Network Access control: Block individual abusers or apply download and upload throttles.
  • Automated outage alerts: Email warnings when an AP is down for over an hour.
  • Remotely power cycle ports and set VLANS and PoE budgets.
  • View power consumption.
  • Minimize disruption with scheduled maintenance.

NocRoom Power Integrations

  • WiFi customization and flexible tool integration.
  • UX design:  WYSIWYG splash page editing with responsive mobile templates.
  • PayPal secure pay-for-use options: Collect credit card payments.
  • Customer check-in using Facebook WiFi.
  • Real-time WiFi voucher generation.
  • Integrate your SaaS apps with our RESTful API.
  • Integrate a property management system using GuestTrack.
  • Connect to third-party advertising platforms.

NocRoom Security and Reliability

  • Your users are kept secure. No traffic is sent to the cloud.
  • Your cloud management is kept up and running.
  • Built-in firewall protection: Users on the public network don’t see anything else.
  • Hosted in global distribution data centers with secure and reliable, 99.9% uptime ratings.
  • Individual device failure doesn’t affect overall network performance.

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All systems have been stress-tested and are extremely stable with 100% Uptime SLA. If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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