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Crypto Mining Contract

Payments: Paypal / Credit Card / Bitcoin

Crypto Mining Contract

Crypto Mining Contract

Order Coins.

  • Electroneum – ETN (coming soon)
  • Ethermine – ETH (coming soon)

NocRoom Pool Servers.

This miner is configured with the newest Claymores v10
What is The Contract and How does it work?
  • Buyer will provide the pool, worker name, and account in checkout.
  • Example: -epool eu2.ethermine.org:4444 -nocroom <wallet>.NR-<yourworker> -nocroom x
  • Once purchase is completed, buyer will receive a message stating an approximate start time/date.
  • After payment clears buyer will be notified mining has begun.
  • NocRoom is not responsible for anything the buyer mines. Coins will be sent to the worker name when the pool decides.
  • The pool hashrate is not guaranteed to be equal to the miner hashrate. The only guarantee is the miner will run at least based on your contract
  • Miner run-time is guaranteed. NocRoom is not responsible for downtime caused by the pool.

Miner real-time stats

Once mining starts, you will be provided online rig real-time stats



  • Downtime such as power loss will be compensated on an hour to hour basis (1 hr loss = 1 hr added, 5 hr loss = 5 hr added, etc…).
  • NR will notify the buyer of any issues. If I do not and the miner appears to be down, please open support ticket to fix the issue.
  • No refund is guaranteed.
  • The term “guarantee” means the best attempt to provide what the buyer has paid to receive.
Additional Information
  • The pool speed is not guaranteed to be the same!
  • Depending on the pool and coin, the hashrate will be higher or lower (25 +/- 15%).
  • The miner is fully functional. Hashing in a cool, clean environment.
  • The quicker the payment is provided the quicker the contract will start.
  • Providing mining details (pool, worker) in checkout will prevent further delays.
  • Ask about a 15 minute test before making a purchase.
An open contract can be extended. Send a message and terms can be negotiated. There may be a time gap between the original purchase and the extension.
  • Due to the nature of crypto currency, there are no returns or refunds once payment has been made.
  • Downtime will be compensated.
  • Exceptional downtime that cannot be compensated, may be eligible for a partial refund.

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