Web Script – TheHunter Web Email Ripper -Fully Automated scanner w/ Email Verifier

Created by NocRoom, LLC

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Need email list for your business? Have a few sites in mind that will help your business grow? our SMART scanner will rip the sites you listed until it pulled “all” email addresses. No need to check on the stats as our system as it will notify you with daily reports from each project.

Time is Money, TheHunter SMART scanning technology is the smartness and the most advance email ripping system you can find allowing you to have the best results with minimal staff time.


  • Runs non-stop in the background
  • LIVE! Statistics (system wide or per project)
  • User Friendly Navigation, Easy to use
  • Confidentiality (you scan it, you keep them)
  • No crashes to worry about

SMART scanner:

  • Rapid speed scanning
  • No duplicate emails (auto delete duplicates)
  • Auto Validate Emails (optional)
  • Timeout between queries (optional)
  • Auto retries on failed emails
  • Repair invalid emails (optional)

Project Management:

  • Set and Forget Feature
  • E-mail address filter (block list & skip domain – global and/or per project)
  • Run multi scanning at once
  • Auto-rotation on scanning list
  • Max URLS to fetch or Find all URLS
  • Get email notifications when project is over
  • Search for emails on a specified website
  • Timeout between scanning list
  • Export your email list via csv, txt or zip
  • Export by Project or All Projects at once